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Opening Ceremony of Flay Ash Drying & Grinding System
What shall we do when the discharged fly ash coming from power plant with fuel of coal can not reach national standard?
Now the discharged fly ash of power plant is residue 20-50% on 45μm square hole screen, which can not meet the national standard, they can not be used directly. Super fine fly ash ball mill grind the rough fly ash into super fine making them have specific hydraulic activity, producing super fine mixed fly ash which can meet the requirement of usage and create max. Economic benefit.
Based on the super fine ball mill principle & structure, Jiangsu Pengfei Group cooperated with Nanjing Industrial University developed super fine fly ash ball mill which grind the raw fly ash or rough fly ash into fine powder. Ball mill will work with a separator to separating the rough powder which will come back to ball mill for fine grinding.

Opening Ceremony for Laos Fly Ash Grinding Plant

The site of Super Fine Fly Ash Grinding Ball Mill
Fly ash drying system:
This process includes wet fly ash grinding system and fly ash grinding system, rotary dryer is the main element for wet fly ash grinding system & super fine fly ash ball mill is the key core of fly ash grinding system.
Process flow of wet fly as drying system:

Process flow of fly ash grinding system:

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