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Cement packer
Description: Cement packer is a weighing equipments which used for packing cement. It is divided into fixed packer and rotated packer.
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Description Equipments Applicable Applicable range Technical
Cement packer is a weighing equipments which used for packing cement. It is divided into fixed packer and rotated packer.
1. Cement silo 2. Silo top discharging equipments 3. Ash conveying equipment, include chute, reamer, belt conveyor, and compressed air tube. 4. Lifting machine, rotary screen, dust collector etc. 5. Packer
Rotary cement packer is mainly used for bag packing in cement. In the meantime, it can be also used for packing powder materials with good flow parameter and granulate materials.
Applicable range
⑴. power supply:AC 380V -15~+10 % 3N 50Hz ⑵. working environment: ①. temperature:-10~40℃ ②. relative moisture:<90% ③. sea level:<2000m ⑶. cement materials ①. cement moisture:<1% ②. cement packing temperature:<120℃ ③. cement density:一般normal1.1~1.3 t/m3 ④. cement fineness: The fineness shall meet the following requirements GB175-99 portland cement, ordinary portland cement GB1344-99 slag portland cement, pozzolana portland cement, and fly ash portland cement GB12958-99 complex portland cement ⑷. Cement packing bags Shall be meet with the requirements of GB9774-96. ⑸. premise of performance guarantee for packer ①. All the erection has meet the requirements of supplier and it is be confirmed qualified after commissioning. ②. Packing and feeding system as well as conveying equipments are running in normal condition. ③. Supply enough cement and can meet the requirements for packing. With stable pressure and continuously feeding. ④. Skilled workers and there is no missing for plug bags.
S/N Name Unit Technical value S/N Name Unit Technical value  
1 No of discharging spouts 8 16 Main reducer Model   BLD3-59-2.2  
2 Designed capacity t/h 120 Speed   59  
3 Feeding type   Side feeding 17 Main motor Model   Y100L1-4  
4 Discharging type   Impeller Power kW 2.2  
5 Weighing type   Scale Speed r/min 1450  
6 Weighing precision Unit weight kg 50 Protection grade   IP44  
Tolerance of unit weight kg +0.4
18 Discharging motor Model   Y112M-4  
Continuously weighing error kg 1000~1004 Power kW 4  
7 Outside diameter of rotary shell mm Φ1520 Speed r/min 1450  
8 Diameter of discharging spout mm Φ2250 Protection grade   IP44  
9 Discharging mouth distance from the ground mm 1180 Qty   8  
10 Max rotary diameter mm Φ2500 19 Total power kW 4×8+2.2=34.2  
11 Main drive speed adjustable type   Frequency converter and speed adjustable 20 Filter air volume m3/h 15000  
12 Rotary speed adjustable range r/min 0~6 21 Filter air pressure Pa -600  
13 Rated speed r/min 5 22 Rotated direction overlook clockwise  
14 Power supply source   AC 50Hz 3N 380V 23 Total height mm 5250  
15 Power fluctuation % +10
24 Total weight kg 6000  

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